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Italian Forum for Sustainable Finance

Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a culture of social responsibility in the practice of financial investment in Italy.

Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile pursues its aim through:

  1. disseminating information and knowledge,
  2. elaborating innovative proposals addressed to operators, users of financial services and policy-makers,
  3. promoting cultural growth  and improving professional competencies among operators,
  4. furthering dialogue between different stakeholders.

The Association’s activity consists in:

  • promotion and implementation of studies, researches and surveys
  • organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and training sessions, training courses and other cultural and educational events
  • lobbying
  • publication of books, informative materials, journals and articles
  • launch and participate in informative campaigns
  • growth and maintenance of relationships with institutions and organizations whose objectives are consistent with the Association’s mission.

In its activities Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile interacts with the demand side (retail and institutional investors), the supply side (financial operators) and intermediaries (consultants and sales network) of financial markets, aiming to increase the amount of assets invested according to social responsibility criteria and to improve the effectiveness of this practice.

According to Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile, sustainable and responsible  investment is a useful tool to influence the economic model, in order to make it more consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile is a founding member of Eurosif, the European Sustainable Investment Forum.

Forum current programmes are:

  • "Futuro di Valore": a long term programme with the mission of increasing the knowledge, the awareness and the ability to manage socially responsible investments by institutional investors.
  • "Investire con i piedi per terra": a long term programme aiming at pointing out the best solutions to favor  the development of widespread sustainable and responsible financial products among retail investors.
  • Lobby

For further information, please contact:

web: http://www.finanzasostenibile.it
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phone: +39 02 30516028
fax: +39 02 30516060
Address: Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile (Italian Forum for Sustainable Finance), Via Andrea Maria Ampère 61/A - 20131 Milan, Italy

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